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Focusing on Commercial Excellence (CommEx) combines strategy and execution using multiple disciplines. Therefore, there is and should be a good level of detail behind what makes it work. However, getting into that detail without first having a Bird’s eye view or summary of Commercial Excellence can run the risk of getting lost.

Therefore, we challenged ourselves to try and provide a simple summary first and then get into the detail; hence, the “Commercial Excellence Formula” was born. Here it goes:


Let us look at the individual components:

  • Revenue Increase: Top line growth of sales numbers, a key ingredient of Commercial Excellence. However, not sufficient by itself to drive CommEX.
  • Profit Enhancement: This mainly refers to Net Profit and its progression hence the word enhancement. Revenue and profit form a critical upper storey of the Commercial Excellence Formula. This is underlined by Consistency and Sustainability.
  • Consistency: CommEX must be looked at minimum with an annual lens. There is no joy in thinking of a great result in one month or quarter and then finding that all of that has been cannibalised in the following period.
  • Sustainability: In today’s day and age, no business models should be at the cost of the environment. Therefore, it is vital that any commercial success also includes a gradual carbon footprint reduction and not at its expense.

The Commercial Excellence formula provides a top-line view/summary of CommEx. Asbiverse Group’s Commercial Excellence Academy then goes into a high degree of detail about the different pillars that form part of it. Organisations can use this in their drive to achieve Commercial Excellence and to ask and answer questions on the key components of the CommEX formula.

The details of The Commercial Excellence Academy powered by Asbiverse Group can be seen at www.commercialexcellence.academy

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